Being nice is a feature and a bug

[LinkedIn thread:, Twitter thread:] nice: … kind, pleasing, agreeable, .. Merriam-Webster Greying hair has meant helping people in my network – with careers, decisions, strategy, and sundry. One of the most common predicaments I see people face is in taking decisions that may displease someone. Why is this […]

Reactivating this blog

I took a long hiatus from writing on this blog. Work at Qubole kept me busy, the WP install had some issues that I didn’t have the time and energy to debug – and finally – I started writing on other sites (LinkedIn/Quora). My journey with Qubole ended a few […]

A despondent memory of the future

It’s been ten months or so since I have been in Bangalore. My voracious appetite for news and analysis now includes (in addition to Nyt/Wapo etc.) – regular feeds of Hindu, Firstpost and links from many more local contacts on FB/Quora. There’s finally a point where one thinks that one […]

How the JEE made Me

Like many good things in life – there’s a good chance that the IIT-JEE is coming to an end. That’s progress. I felt elated today morning to read that IIT-Kanpur had decided to not join in this backward forward march. And for a brief minute – I remembered how the […]

Why Qubole?

Gigaom broke the story on Qubole late yesterday. I haven’t blogged for a couple of years now. It seemed little fun to rage against stuff – or to put expression to ideas that didn’t seem to have a chance to materialize. Ideas need a successful business plan to make a positive […]

HBase and Map-Reduce

HBase + Map-Reduce is a really awesome combination. In all the back and forths about NoSQL – one of the things that’s often missed out is how convenient it is to be able to do scalable data analysis directly against large online data sets (that new distributed databases like HBase […]